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Fixed Asset Packages updated

Thursday, March 15, 2012

After an extended period of development, I am pleased to announce updates to all of the Fixed Asset Management packages. All three packages (Fixed Asset, Asset Depreciation, Asset Maintenance) have been updated to version 1.1.

You must install Fixed Asset 1.1 before upgrading the Depreciation or Maintenance packages. Please note the packages you download from the xChange include installer package(s) and PDF User Guides. You will have to first unpack the downloaded items with your favorite unzip utility to access the Guids and the installer packages whic you can then use with xTuple's installer.

The new versions include the following:

  • Numerous minor bug fixes
  • Removed deprecated function calls in advance of xTuple release 3.9
  • Developed and tested with PostgreSQL 9 support.  Please note xTuple version 3.8 is the first offically supported release on PostgreSQL 9
  • Numerous minor improvements to functionality and improved workflow
  • Added the concept of Parent/Child asset relationships (see below)
  • Added much better initialisation of asset depreciation for historic assets
  • The Asset Maintenance release now integrates with the CRM ToDo and alarms for maintenance task reminders
  • All releases are synchronised on version 1.1
  • Universal installers for these packages have been developed so the 1.1 packages will install fresh or upgrade from any version
  • Updated the User Guides to this version

Parent/Child Assets

Version 1.1 introduces the concept of Parent/Child Assets. At present this is used for illustration purposes only on the Asset List screen and on the Asset printout.

And in the Fixed Asset screen


Asset Depreciation

There have been several comments that loading historic assets (those owned by the organisation for some time) and initializing depreciation was confusing. This release brings a new means to initialize the book value of an asset as of now and start depreciation only from the initialization point. There is a new Initialize Asset button which lets you define the current book value (can only be used once).

Which results in the below transaction. This transaction has no General Ledger implications.

Asset Maintenance

Other than much stabilisation the big new feature in the Maintenance package is the integration with CRM ToDo's and alarms. You now have the option of creating ToDo reminders and alarms for employees assigned to Maintenance tasks. For those using the xtConnect package this has the added benefit of sending email reminders to those employees.

For those who have purchased Asset Depreciation and/or Asset Maintenance this is a free maintenance release. Please contact xTuple for access to the upgraded packages.

Dave Anderson

Senior Engineer
Open Source technologist with a focus on the application of open source in business. In particular I have experience implementing xTuple ERP, Pentaho Business Intelligence and Data Integration, and web based applications using the LAMP and Java platforms. Specific experience experience in the installation, implementation and configuration of the xTuple ERP system. I am the primary developer behind the Fixed Asset extension package for the xTuple ERP system which now includes modules for Depreciation and Maintenance. Specialties: xTuple ERP Implementation, Configuration, and Development.