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xTuple Fixed Asset Maintenance (Planned and Preventative Maintenance)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I am pleased to announce the first release of the Asset Maintenance package is now available on the xChange bringing Planned and Unplanned maintenance functionality to the xTuple ERP solution. This package is based on a Design Specification posted in January.

The Maintenance package is designed to allow organizations to plan maintenance of assets into the future and to schedule the preventative maintenance of assets to reduce or eliminate costly breakdowns. The unthinkable always happens so Unplanned Maintenance is also covered in this package.

Maintenance Orders are created either automatically (via the xtConnect scheduler) or manually for each Asset. Detailed work instructions can be entered as well as inclusion of the maintenance parts required on this order. All the details are printed onto a comprehensive Maintenance Works Order for the technician to action. When the order is completed, parts are expensed thereby reducing inventory of those items and also posting the expense to the General Ledger in order to track maintenance costs.

The history of all maintenance scheduled and performed on each asset is included in a screen in the Fixed Asset. 

The Maintenance Order List (below) gives you a clear picture of outstanding maintenance orders and the status of those orders allowing you to prioritise and reorder work.

 The Fixed Asset Maintenance package is available on the xChange. You can also find the complete Fixed Asset Management solution which includes Fixed Asset Register, Depreciation and Maintenance in a discounted package.

Dave Anderson

Senior Engineer
Open Source technologist with a focus on the application of open source in business. In particular I have experience implementing xTuple ERP, Pentaho Business Intelligence and Data Integration, and web based applications using the LAMP and Java platforms. Specific experience experience in the installation, implementation and configuration of the xTuple ERP system. I am the primary developer behind the Fixed Asset extension package for the xTuple ERP system which now includes modules for Depreciation and Maintenance. Specialties: xTuple ERP Implementation, Configuration, and Development.