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xTnet: New CRM Now Available for Partners

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We're excited to be launching a new tool for our partner network today. Called xTnet, it's a new way for us to work with our outstanding partners. Among the many important initiatives for xTuple this year is growing our partner network.  Building upon our already solid foundation of partners in locations around the world, we're  committed to working with local, expert consultants because we know that having a trained and qualified expert on-site is what's best for our customers.

'So, how are we doing so far this year?  Not too bad.  Fifteen new partners in key markets throughout the United States and Canada! But we still need more, particularly in the Chicago area, throughout the mid-West, mid-Atlantic and north-Pacific. But I digress...

One of the truly unique benefits of being an xTuple partner is the unlimited support you receive, including technical, as well as sales and marketing support.  We love working with our partners on specific sales opportunities because we know that at the end of the day, their success is our success!

We decided several months ago that in order to better support our growing network of partners, we'd replace our old lead management tool with a complete CRM for partners. In keeping with our philosophy of eating our own dogfood, this CRM, called xTnet, is based on the great CRM tools that are a standard part of the xTuple ERP software. We've used our API to develop a web-based front end to the CRM module of xTuple. Everything entered via the web goes into the xTuple database, where we can also interact with it via the GUI client.

With xTnet making its formal debut today, xTuple partners can log-in to one central management tool to quickly and easily register new leads, view leads which have been assigned to them, manage their accounts, create opportunities and enter and manage their customer's incidents.

Phase two of the CRM is to make it available as a Drupal module that anyone could install on a standard Drupal web site to interact with your xTuple ERP database. Let us know if this is something you may be interested in using in your organization.

Danielle Kerner

Director Partner Channel Development
With xTuple since 2009, Danielle has managed the growth and development of xTuple's Partner channel expanding the overall reach into more than a dozen countries across six continents. Danielle is responsible for the cultivation of Partner relationships and the development of new markets around the world. Danielle provides sales and technical support to the growing global community of xTuple Partners. She works directly with the xTuple Marketing Department to secure best-in-class services for xTuple Partners. Prior to xTuple, Danielle held several leadership positions at Dominion Enterprises where she directed the development of their Web-based businesses. She holds a B.A. in Historic Studies from Virginia Wesleyan College and worked as an archeologist for the James River Institute for Archaeology.