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Easily visualize your data with Sales Analysis Dashboard

Monday, February 24, 2014

While we work to integrate Business Intelligence (BI) with the Mobile Web client, it is available now to help you understand your sales performance. Since it's fully integrated into the xTuple Mobile Web client, it's not only easy to use, you're not forced to deal with a separate system.

It's a powerful analysis tool to help you explore and visualize your data, and it's pre-loaded with a number of sales measures to help you evaluate current status and to review trends. For example:

  • Revenue at different levels of detail;
  • Profit and profit margin; and
  • Elapsed time for shipments and shipment backlog.

And you can see the measures from different points of view. The analysis can be organized by fiscal periods or calendar months. Or it can filtered by sales rep, or item type, etc. The analysis tool allows you to drag and drop measures to construct a table. For example, if you want to see your revenue (shipments) and profit for the last few years, you can compose a table like the following:

To better visualize the trends in your data, you can show this as an area chart.

And you can explore your data in more detail. If you want to compare revenue and profitability of products in a particular year, you can compose pie charts:

You can also get a quick overview of your status by composing a dashboard of your charts of interest. If you you want to see your bookings, shipments and shipment backlog performance, you can use the time series charts:

Test the integrated Business Intelligence tools by signing up for an xTuple Free Trial, hosted in the Amazon.com cloud.

Coming soon: analysis tools for CRM. So you will be able to see your complete sales pipeline from opportunities to quotes to bookings.

In the meantime, if you'd be interested in a special online training class to learn more, contact us to discover how to use xTuple BI tools.

Jeff Gunderson

Software Development at xTuple, 2013 – 2014
Jeff Gunderson is the founder of ERP BI Solutions provides business intelligence solutions for popular open source ERP systems including PostBooks® and xTuple ERP. Solutions are designed using data warehousing best practices and are built on best-of-breed open source BI technology giving you cost effective, innovative business intelligence.