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xTuple OpenRPT

xTuple's Free Open Source SQL Report Writer

Included with all Editions of xTuple

OpenRPT is built with the PostgreSQL database and the Qt GUI client framework. It runs equally well on every operating system.

OpenRPT is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. You are free to use it as you wish.

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OpenRPT Features

  • Report definitions are saved in XML format, and support "grades" or versioning
  • Stand-alone or embeddable WYSIWYG Report Designer
  • Embeddable report renderer renders to local printers, including PDF and Postscript distillers
  • Support for All/Even/Odd/First/Last Page Headers and Footers
  • Support for multiple column detail sections
  • Support for static and database sourced images
  • Support for static and/or database sourced watermarks and page identifiers
  • Support for multiple detail sections and optional, multiple group heads and footers for each detail section 
Formats Supported
  • Most standard Bar Code Formats (3of9, 128, UPC, EAN-8, etc.)
  • Avery standard Labels
  • Portrait or landscape, Letter, Legal and A4 documents
Platforms Supported
  • All major Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix)
  • Databases (right now)
    • PostgreSQL
    • Generic ODBC connections
  • With a little work
    • Oracle
    • DB2
    • SQL Server
    • MySQL