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How Do I Download PostBooks®

xTuple offers you options with PostBooks®

Like most business software, xTuple ERP uses a client/server model, requiring both a database server component and a client application used to access the database. We've created three ways — all complimentary — for you to download and start using the software.


First Option

Download the PostBooks® client for your operating system and log into our cloud-based unlimited Free Trial database, includes easy access to educational guides and xTuple University.

Second Option

Set up a local PostgreSQL server yourself and install the PostBooks® database. Use the command line or simple GUI (graphical user interface) approaches to use pgAdmin to get started.

Third Option

Use our GitHub wiki to learn how to install open source do-it-yourself tools and set up a local virtual machine to run the Web-enabled server.

Ready to get started? Set up an xTuple database today with QuickStart Wizard