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ERP for the Food Supply Chain

Traceability, regulatory compliance and speedy fulfillment are critical for food and beverage companies of all sizes. What are your biggest industry issues? Our customers tell us: (1) Making a profit; (2) Keeping product on the shelf; and (3) Staying compliant with certifications and regulations.

"xTuple" (verb) — to grow; to increase exponentially.

Mission — xTuple helps companies of all sizes successfully implement powerful, and easy-to-use, open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to grow their business profitably. Delivering enterprise-class technology products and services at an affordable cost — one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of any ERP system on the market.

Introduction to xTuple

Open Source — Better Process, Better Product. So you can run your business with powerful tools that would have cost millions a few years ago.

xTuple Knowledge Management — Master your software

Online Training — Complimentary
Learn from xTuple subject matter experts on wide-ranging topics — from setup to tips and tricks. Provide dependable training for new employees.
Bundle Training and Save 25%
Purchase both Setup, Configuration & Operations and Power User Training classes for a 25% savings. Kick-start your ERP education for best results!

Companies that need ISO and other industry-specific certifications — trust xTuple software to validate their business

From concept to prototyping to production — leaders in contract manufacturing build their business with xTuple software

  • General Manager, Creamer Metal Products, Inc.
    We're big xTuple fans. What set xTuple apart from the start was how solid the functionality was for the price. Most small- to mid-sized companies cannot afford the more expensive ERP systems out there, but they do need a system. xTuple's offering was clearly the best value.

  • CFO, Richart Distributors, Inc.
    Without xTuple and the way it ties our operations together I don't know how we could have managed this growth. And, we saw another return on that investment when it was time to step up to the next level and get our ISO certification.

  • Purchasing Manager, Cordeck Building Solutions
    Before starting to use xTuple in 2009, Cordeck was a mid-sized manufacturing company, with one single location. We saved $22,000 annually in labor costs on just one process and $10,000 annually in outsourced IT expense. New inventory controls reduced our error rate by 80%. Employment has increased by 10%; we've added 4 locations, and adding 4 more, and we're serving International markets unattainable before xTuple.

  • Factory Manager, Shenzhen (China) Feifantai, Ltd., known as faytech, ltd.
    faytech is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and all company processes are integrated and followed in xTuple, used for sourcing, warehouse management, article management, production, capital management, as well as for writing invoices to faytech's customers.

  • IT Manager, Nordic Naturals
    With xTuple, we gained important features needed to move our business to the next stage. We needed a more reliable, powerful and flexible ERP app that scales well to support a large number of concurrent users, and heavy sales and shipping activity.

  • IT Manager, Cedarlane Natural Foods
    We looked at ERP solutions from six different vendors, from every angle. xTuple was the only one that didn't require thousands of dollars for implementation upfront.

  • President, Kemp Electric Supply
    We needed a more reliable, powerful and flexible ERP system that would allow us to take full advantage of what modern technology can provide. The quality of support that xTuple provides is superb! “Go-live” was achieved within 90 days thanks to both the user-level and developer-level support.

  • IT Manager, Good-Lite
    We do a lot in Europe, so we must be CDC-certified. We looked at open source solutions, and we are Mac-based. I was able to get xTuple running and play with it and see if I really liked it or not. If you go with the other commercial vendors, you cannot do that. You really have to look at their screen shots and listen to their salesman and then you have to make sure {rolls eyes} 'is this really the route I want to go?'

From electrical to plumbing, HVAC and big-brand OEM parts — distributors rely on xTuple to solve operational and inventory nightmares

xTuple streamlines business processes — from material handling systems for order automation to consumer products that travel the conveyors

Structural and architectural products from sealants to sustainable flooring to signage — built using xTuple software solutions

Technical experts — plastics, polymers and composites, rubber, injection molding — turn to xTuple for precision manufacturing software

InfoWorld's Best of Open Source Software Awards (BOSSIE): xTuple named top pick in open source business applications for 2015. Accounting, ERP, CRM — they're the engines behind every modern business.

xTuple News and Blogs

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