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Compare xTuple Products by Module — CRM

Every xTuple product — from the free starter version to commercially-licensed PostBooks®, Distribution, Manufacturing and premium Enterprise Editions — includes the following Corporate/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module features.

Corporate/Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Incident (New, Workbench)
  • To-Do (New, List)
  • Project (New, List)
  • Opportunity (New, List)
  • Reports
    • Order Activity by Project
    • Incidents by CRM Account
    • To-Do List Items by User and Incident
  • Account (New, List, Search)
  • Contact (New, List, Search)
  • Address (New, List, Search)
  • Master Information
    • Titles
    • Incident
      • Categories
      • Priorities
      • Severities
      • Resolutions
    • Opportunity
      • Sources
      • Stages
      • Types
    • Characteristics


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