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Compare xTuple Products by Module — General Ledger

All Editions above PostBooks® include the following General Ledger Module feature.

  • Synchronize Companies (Multi-Company Consolidation)

Every xTuple product — from the free starter version to commercially-licensed PostBooks®, Distribution, Manufacturing and premium Enterprise Editions — includes the following General Ledger Module features.

General Ledger

  • Journal Entry (Simple, Series, List Unposted)
  • Standard Journal (New, List, List Groups, Post, Post Group)
  • Bank Reconciliation
    • Reconcile
    • New Adjustment
    • Adjustment Edit List
  • Reports
    • G/L Transactions, Summarized G/L Transactions
    • G/L Series
    • Standard Journal History
    • Bank Rec. History, Summarized Bank Rec. History
  • Financial Statements
    • Financial Reports (New, List, View)
    • View Trial Balances
  • Fiscal Calendar
    • Fiscal Years, Accounting Periods
  • Account
    • Companies, Profit Centers, Sub Accounts
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Sub Account Types
  • Budget (New, List)
  • Tax
    • Tax Authorities (Search, List)
    • Tax Codes, Types, Selections, Registrations
  • Master Information
    • Terms
    • Bank Accounts, Check Formats
    • Cost Categories, Expense Categories
    • A/P, A/R Account Assignments
    • Customer Types, Sales Categories
    • Reason Codes, Adjustment Types
  • Utilities
    • Forward Update Accounts
    • Duplicate Account Numbers
    • Purge Invoices
    • Update Customer Credit Status


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