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Licenses and Cloud

xTuple Software Licensing

  • Options
    • Annual subscription (rental model)
    • Perpeptual license (owner model)
  • Deployment
    • Cloud hosting
    • Your own on-site (on-premise) hosting, in your choice of environment
    • Setup yourself with our QuickStart Wizard (see below), or we'll move your database to the xTuple Cloud for you
  • User Minimums (simultaneous concurrent logins, not metered usage)
    • PostBooks® and xTuple Cloud — one (1)
    • Distribution and Manufacturing Editions — five (5)
    • Enterprise Edition — ten (10)
  • Discounts (xTuple Pricing Calculator applies savings for each additional user license added after 10 – the more users you have, the more you save per-seat)
    • Starts at 1% — 10-user purchase
    • 2% — 11 users, up to 45% discount — 54 users and up
  • Payments
    • No credit card required for Free Trial in xTuple Cloud
    • Monthly pricing available on all commercially-licensed options
    • Pay automatically by ACH debit (available from U.S. bank accounts only)
    • Pay automatically by credit card (3% surcharge)
  • Cloud Support and Data Backups, or Cancel My Cloud Account
    • Every Cloud purchase includes limited helpdesk support via our customer Web Portal with one (1) named contact
    • Upgrade to standard support, which includes a second named contact and telephone support during regular business hours
    • Every Cloud purchase includes Business Continuity (Off-site Backup and Disaster Recovery Service)
    • Request an ad-hoc backup of your Cloud database at any time, including cancellation of your account, for a small fee
    • Closing your monthly Cloud account? 30 days written notice required before your Annual subscription anniversary date


Want to compare xTuple Products and Prices?

Use the xTuple Pricing Calculator to easily compare your options — by numbers of concurrent licenses, software edition, hosting and payment plans. Evaluate product features between editions and modules. Consider support and consulting preferences for business setup and continuity.

Operate in xTuple Cloud

Hosting your xTuple database in the cloud is the fastest, easiest way to use xTuple — both the Mobile Web application and the full Desktop client — PostBooks®, Distribution, Manufacturing or Enterprise Editions. All on the same database, hosted securely for you, powered by Amazon.

  • No headaches with maintaining a server — easy and inexpensive to get started
  • Lightning quick performance — Mobile Web access
  • Your data is yours — you can leave at any time
  • No minimum number of users
  • Includes Business Continuity (Off-site Backup and Disaster Recovery Service)

xTuple Cloud Pricing

  • Per user per month — $30
  • Base charge — $100 per month — covers off-site nightly backups (50% of the service cost for an on-site server)
  • Add software license for your choice of Edition, Annual subscription or Perpetual license


xTuple Stands for Freedom of Choice

Try xTuple Cloud, 90 Days Free
New customers evaluate / pilot the software with easy, cost-effective cloud — move your server somewhere else, at any time, if you need that option. (Not available with other cloud-based ERP)
xTuple License Options
PostBooks®, Distribution, Manufacturing and Enterprise Editions carry an End User License Agreement (EULA). Starter version of PostBooks® is available as Common Public Attribution License (CPAL).

Ready to get started? Set up an xTuple database today with QuickStart Wizard