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eCommerce Integrated with ERP

Real-time Web-based Solutions for Business

Every business — including yours — needs automated Sales & Marketing.

Conducting business transactions and building relationships via the Web — from the simplest to the most complex — is a competitive advantage over traditional "brick-and-mortar"-only storefronts. And every business, including manufacturers and distributors, can be more successful using digital experience technology to better serve their customers.


xTupleCommerce — Real-time Sales & Customer Service Access for Business-to-Business (B2B)

Give your business partners and customers direct self-service, 24/7 access, from anywhere in the world. Integrated ERP and eCommerce to improve marketing and operational efficiencies.

xTuple powers eCommerce for every enterprise — seamlessly connecting manufacturing, retail, distributor, supplier, inside and outside sales


Who benefits? Your customers, prospects and trading partners

  • Save energy — shop conveniently from wherever you connect to the Internet, whenever — from your desktop, at the park on your laptop, at lunch via your mobile device.
  • Save time — browse a full selection of products — without running between locations or sorting through shelves — and complete your transaction quickly and efficiently.
  • Save money — compare and evaluate pricing quickly — and simply — between product offerings from the same vendor or multiple vendors.


Who benefits? You and your bottom line

Connecting your eCommerce website to your business management software — accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), manufacturing, inventory, purchasing, distribution and delivery — drives cost-saving efficiency and the success of any enterprise. Your sales reps in the field, your back office, your counter sales — and your CEO — are all seamlessly integrated with real-time data and analytics. Your products and services can now reach new markets, including everyone on the planet if that's your goal.


How much should I pay for an eCommerce solution?

Whether you're a business owner, startup entrepreneur, big-thinker, friend or family, the answer is simple. It depends. Your online selling and buying website must be versatile enough to target your every customer, vendor — or prospect — with a single platform. The most technical offering isn't necessarily the most expensive nor the best solution for your needs. The cost of a website relies on your requirements today and how the site may need to scale in the future. If you need your website to share information with your CRM, or you want all email sign ups to automatically drop into your third-party email marketing software, or sales reps need to log in to manage orders, or your buyers have different levels of permissions based on their customer type, or you need to control three separate websites with one database of content, you need more than a simplistic shopping cart-only eCommerce solution.


How (and who) will maintain my eCommerce website?

Every website should be built with a content management system (CMS) and connected to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software so that you can manage it yourself and make edits from either direction, on the site itself or within your ERP. No double entry for product information, order placement, or inventory availability.

If a customer changes their shipping address on the website, you need to ensure their customer record matches throughout your business systems, too. There's also a myriad of warehouse and other issues. Due to these complexities, most businesses have not even considered the migration to eCommerce. eCommerce solves so many problems for small- to mid-sized businesses, as well as large enterprises. Suddenly your customers can make purchases online rather than over the phone. Entire catalogs of products can be searched and browsed online. No more time-wasting and belaboring sales staff with phone order-taking. Suddenly your team has more time for things like customer service, scaling your business, and fulfilling orders.


What should I look for in an eCommerce solution? What do I need?

  1. Flexibility — a system built to be configured to suit your needs, today and tomorrow.
  2. Security — a platform that is trusted and protects your trading partner's valuable data.
  3. Scalability — a site that can continue to grow over time, adding new features as needed.
  4. Quality — a technology that is strong, that won't crash and leave you scrambling to get back online, and back in business.
  5. Interoperability — a software that adheres to open standards and can work seamlessly with your other business systems.


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