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About xTuple

What's wrong with OpenMFG? Does this mean you're scaling back your commitment to manufacturers?

Not at all. The Manufacturing Edition of xTuple ERP continues to be our most advanced product, and our licensing and pricing for it is unaffected by all this excitement. Quite the contrary, our support of manufacturers has never been stronger - here's why. Very simply, it is the most advanced manufacturing functionality that constitutes most of the difference between the free PostBooks Edition and the paid Manufacturing Edition. (The Standard Edition, targeted at distributors and retailers, falls somewhere in the middle.) That has two very significant implications for manufacturing:

What's in a name? Or why "xTuple"?

Good question. Renaming a company and launching a new brand is not something anyone should undertake lightly. But we felt that with the expanded line of products and services, and a broadening of our target audience to include companies who might not do much actual manufacturing, the time was right. We were looking for something exciting, that speaks powerfully to the possibility for exponential growth in the key business metrics that are important to our customers. Double (2x), quadruple (4x), quintuple (5x) ... xTuple.