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Support and Business Continuity

How do I purchase xTuple Support?

Support options vary from free community resources to paid expert consulting. Contact the xTuple Support Team for help to find out which selection is right for your business.

How do I contact xTuple Support (NO, I do not have a Support Contract)?

Visit the Community Hub for xTuple ERP where you'll find self-help resources such as xTuple's Next Business Blog with tracks focused on Business, Operations, Technology and Web/eCommerce; Forum, our online meeting place where ideas and views on topics ranging from announcements to how-tos to internationalization can be exchanged; Issue tracker for bug-reporting and feature requests; Frequently asked questions; Developer Zone with documentation such as Product Guides, Demo Guides, details on how to download and use the software; links to xTuple's GitHub resources; a

How do I contact xTuple Support (YES, I have a Support Contract)?

If your company has an xTuple Support Contract, you can reach the xTuple Support Team either by telephone or by opening a support ticket on the xTuple community site. Each xTuple Support Contract specifies two "named support contacts" — the people at your company who are eligible to contact the xTuple support team for help. If you are not a named support contact and need help, ask your question(s) of the named support contacts at your company.

What should I do if my system crashes (if I'm enrolled in XTN services)?

xTuple handles the restore of your most recent backup to minimize down time and data loss. We can also stand-up the restored database in the cloud immediately upon notification, if there is a problem with your on-site server. Notify xTuple of your system crash!

Why should I enroll in XTN?

Peace of mind. Protection of critical business data. There are numerous backup and upgrade options available, and knowing that you have access to your backups at any time, along with the added protection of off-site storage is the ultimate business continuity / disaster recovery plan.

When is the XTN backup run? How do you receive it? Is it secure?

The backup is scheduled to run during the night, and we coordinate it with other automated tasks that may also run overnight, such as the Batch Manager. We setup SSH (Secure Shell) encrypted tunnel. For added protection, one backup per week for one year is also stored. More on XTN.

Where is the XTN backup stored, and for how long?

A copy of the backup is stored on your server, and another copy is securely sent to our data center. This ensures you will always have the latest copy of your database available. xTuple stores a minimum of the five (5) most recent backups plus one backup each week for a minimum of one (1) year. Due to network-related problems, the most recent backups may not always be consecutive by day. More on XTN.

Who is eligible for XTN services?

All xTuple ERP installations are eligible for XTN Services whether running Enterprise, Distribution, Manufacturing or PostBooks® Editions. More on XTN.

What is XTN (xTuple Network)?

What would you — and your business — do if disaster strikes?