Drupal Web Developer

Job Summary

The position involves heavy Drupal module development, theme creation and implementation as well as adherence to Drupal coding standards. xTuple's database is tightly integrated with the Drupal database, so duties involve making sure the two systems continue to talk to each other. Current code used is D6 and D7.

Employment type — Full time (not Contractual)

Position Location — U.S. Headquarters


  • 2+ years of Drupal programming experience
  • Communicate and coordinate with marketing team, including in-house graphic designer
  • Maintain user-focused blogs/websites, including eCommerce
  • Perform updates to social media
  • Experience working in and customizing PHP-based CMS - particularly Drupal and WordPress
  • Manage xTuple's Google Domain, Analytics and Documentation
  • Ability to manage tasks and workflow to meet deadlines
  • Excellent communication skills and easily adaptable to evolving priorities
  • Strong attention to detail/project management skills
  • Work on Mac optional (xTuple is cross-platform and runs natively on Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile)

Candidate should know or be able to quickly learn and implement new skills

  • PHP (knowledge of Object Oriented Programming concepts helpful)
  • CSS
  • SEO best practices, knowledge of OG tags helpful
  • Web optimization techniques for code and web graphics (Photoshop skills helpful)
  • JavaScript / jQuery as relates to Drupal module development (JSON)
  • XHTML (HTML5 a plus)
  • Produce basic training documents for end users
  • Write SQL queries
  • Übercart module and general e-commerce concepts (Drupal Commerce a plus)
  • Basic *nix commands (helpful, particularly SCP, for updating remote files)
  • Evaluate and implement new Drupal modules (includes modifying modules for Postgres support)
  • Custom Drupal Entities, Views, Panels
  • LMAP/LAPP production stack, (MAMP/MAPP stack option available for local development)
  • Document all code extensively with revision control systems: Git (GitHub), Subversion

Position reports to Development Department

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