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Job Summary

Our growing team is always in need of cross-functional sales and marketing assistance. The position is flexible and duties may change based on ideal candidate's aptitudes and passions. Title may be sales and marketing associate or sales and marketing manager, depending upon experience. This is the perfect position for an enthusiastic and career-minded individual, with a strong work ethic and a commitment to teamwork.

This position reports to xTuple's Marketing VP and has responsibility for assisting with the many facets of the sales and marketing effort including supporting sales goals, developing and extending various marketing campaigns, programs and tools.

Overall goal for this position is to improve the company's return on investment (ROI) by implementing marketing plans, helping the senior sales team be more productive, and assisting customer/account management. The ideal candidate must be confident in a selling environment that entails heavy Internet and phone use to promote software products and services.

Employment type — Full time (not Contractual)

Position Location — U.S. Headquarters


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated experience working in sales or marketing team environment
  • Strong organizational ability and follow-up skills
  • Above average desktop computer skills
  • Bachelors Degree, technical degree desirable, past industry-related or equivalent experience
  • Prefer minimum one year experience in sales, marketing and/or business development

xTuple Sales & Marketing Associate/Manager Responsibilities

  • Handle initial company contacts and appointment requests (via phone calls and webforms)
  • Facilitate new lead assignments to sales reps
  • Pre-qualify leads from website registrations
  • Manage lead generation tools (via website, third-party email, PPC, etc.)
  • Work with multi-touch sales campaigns, including phone, third-party email and follow-up inquiries
  • Data analysis, especially correlating campaigns to sales opportunities 
  • Direct telemarketing resources (interns and external, contracted resources)
  • Identify new business opportunities, including via trade shows
  • Assist with marketing content creation
  • Help develop and implement strategic marketing plans
  • Learn the company's software products and services to deliver high-level sales demonstrations, online and in person
  • Stay current with product updates, customer needs, competition and industry trends
  • Manage projects to ensure they are completed in a timely manner

If you have the required experience and skills to succeed and seek a challenging opportunity in a growing company with a unique corporate culture, please apply now. NOTE: No hardcopy resumes will be accepted. No phone calls please.

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