Shenzhen Feifantai, Ltd. (faytech, ltd.)

faytech Tech. Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of Touchscreen Monitors and Touchscreen PCs. With its roots in Germany, faytech today sells and supports Touch Monitors and Touch PCs on a worldwide basis. faytech offers German engineered products, manufactured in Asia with local service.

faytech's roots lay in Germany. Starting in 2002, Logitel GmbH developed and marketed electronic devices. In 2005, the company started to import Touchscreen displays. Within three years, Logitel GmbH became the leading Touchscreen supplier in Germany in its niche. In 2008 long-term sales and distribution contracts were established in Germany and part of the management team moved to Shenzhen to start a production facility in China and establish the faytech brand. In 2009, faytech ltd. was founded as a merger between German quality and development know-how and Chinese sourcing and manufacturing competencies. Beginning 2010 started faytech its first own production of Touch PCs in its own factory. Today all offered Touch Devices are solely designed and manufactured by faytech, produced on its own ISO 9001:2008 certified production lines.

Executive Summary 
  • All company processes integrated and followed in xTuple, supporting ISO 9001:2008 certification.
  • Product quality and customer satisfaction assured across multiple continents and languages.

Headquartered in Shenzhen (China), Shenzhen Feifantai, Ltd., known as faytech, ltd., specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of touchscreen monitors and touchscreen personal computers (PCs) on a worldwide basis. Today with its distribution, engineering design and service center in Germany and its warehouse hubs in the USA, Australia, Japan and Switzerland, faytech is one of the fastest growing industrial touch device manufacturers in the world.

All company processes are integrated and followed in xTuple (supporting ISO 9001:2008 certification).

With the company's rapid increase in business, faytech, ltd., needed integrated workflow improvements across multiple departments to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction. faytech needed to find a reliable enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to achieve this goal; yet, their new solution needed to be usable by employees across multiple continents.


Arne Weber, faytech factory manager in Shenzhen, decided on xTuple ERP Standard Edition after extensive market research.

“Around 20 faytech employees work every day with xTuple ERP, installed on a local PostgreSQL database, managing the complete factory via xTuple. faytech is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and all company processes are integrated and followed in xTuple. xTuple ERP is used for faytech´s sourcing, warehouse management, article management, production, capital management, as well as for writing invoices to faytech´s customers,” said Weber.


With the help of xTuple ERP, all production since 2010 is easily reviewed and may be traced back to each individual supplier and processed component. With the help of the specially designed online Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) tool, all of which is recorded in Europe, and xTuple's ERP management software, all operations are constantly analyzed, and quality is steadily improved. Because of this complete quality control chain — from inspection of incoming material through production to after-sales analysis — faytech can make reliable statements regarding product quality. The xTuple language translation tool was also invaluable, because the majority of users in China only speak and write in Chinese.

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The reference list of well-known German brands using faytech Touchscreen Displays and PCs is substantial. faytech delivers its products to business units of T-Systems, Siemens, Continental, Bosch, Deutsche Bahn, Google, the Bavaria Filmstudios, as well as to research institutes such as the Max-Planck-Institut or the Institut für Luft-und Raumfahrt, and many others.

  • An immediate improvement in operational efficiencies with a fully integrated solution, working across multiple continents and languages
  • More efficient warehouse management and production management
  • Better cost and price calculation based on Bill of Material (BOM) and Work Order Cost lists
  • Improved buying decisions with better visibility into and tracking of quality
  • Better positioned for increased growth with stable and scalable solution