New xTuple Mobile Web app debuts at Open Source Business Conference

Thursday, May 17, 2012


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A free complement to xTuple’s desktop business management software is the new xTuple Mobile Web app which will debut at ComputerWorld’s Open Source Business Conference (@OpenBusinessCon) in San Francisco on May 21-22.

The Mobile Web app works with the existing xTuple database server and is unlike anything on the market today — written in 100% JavaScript and making use of a whole new generation of open source HTML5 technologies.

The Mobile Web app currently runs in any modern browser; on Apple iPads and Macs; Android tablets; Windows tablets and desktops; and Linux desktops.

The YouTube video announcement made by xTuple CEO Ned Lilly — as well as the link to request an invitation to a private beta test — is below. [Full text included]

Said Lilly, “First and foremost, the Mobile Web app will complement — not replace — the xTuple Desktop client. Users will be able to work on both applications simultaneously on the same database. And there's no additional cost for the Mobile Web app.” 

“Several years in the making, this is the happy marriage of xTuple customers' software maintenance dollars and our company’s ongoing commitment to product research and development,” continued Lilly.

Moving to version 4.0 is a big deal as xTuple is modest with version numbering; the current version 3.8.2 is actually the 17th major release of the software. Version 3.0 in 2008 included the addition of custom scripting capabilities. Version 2.0 in 2006 added several major new features, including integrated CRM and multicurrency. 

In addition to creating a brand new Mobile Web app, one major development with the "4 series" is to continue making the software more modular. People will be able to use discrete pieces of the system separately, without having to implement a complete ERP system. New companies may start with just one piece and gradually work their way up to a full ERP implementation.

For version 4.0, the functionality in the Mobile Web app begins with CRM (the full module) as well as the Accounts Receivable portion of the accounting module (now called, simply, Billing). Over the course of the 4 series, additional functionality will roll out until 100 per cent of the xTuple Desktop client is available in the Mobile Web app. Next up in 4.1 will be Accounts Payable (Payments), the full General Ledger and the Time & Expense module widely used by Professional Services companies.

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What is the xTuple Mobile Web app?

xTuple’s industry-leading open source business management software now includes a Mobile Web application — empowering you to manage your business without being tethered to a physical office — improving productivity and profitability.

What is the xTuple Mobile Web app beta program?

xTuple has developed a beta program for a limited number of users to review pre-releases of the xTuple Mobile Web application and provide feedback to the company in a private forum.

Is the beta program available to anyone?

The initial beta program is an invite-only group of existing xTuple users to provide the opportunity to test pre-release versions of the Mobile Web application using a copy of their local database (hosted in the xTuple Cloud service). The user group will also receive regular updates and information regarding status of the Mobile Web application and a private forum will be available to provide feedback to the xTuple development team.

Is the beta program available to users new to xTuple?

Over time the beta program will expand to include additional existing users, as well as users new to xTuple products. For an invitation to the beta program, please use the “Request Beta Invite” button found at or submit your inquiry.


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