OpenMFG Supports New PostgreSQL Version 7.4

Monday, January 5, 2004


Enhancements to open source database widen the gap with other ERP solutions

OpenMFG, the only company using open source software to bring full-featured enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications to small manufacturers, today announced its support for version 7.4 of PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database.

PostgreSQL is the default database for the OpenMFG ERP Suite. Maintained by a global community of database experts, PostgreSQL provides a full range of enterprise-class object-relational database functionality, but without the hefty license fees and lock-in associated with large vendors such as Oracle and Microsoft. PostgreSQL is capable of significant transaction throughput, complex queries, commercial-grade SQL support, and complex data types. Version 7.4.1, the first maintenance release of the 7.4 product, includes several performance enhancements, improved high availability functionality, a ranked preference system for its full text indexing, and major additions to SQL standards compatibility beyond that of many commercial vendors.

"We continue to believe that PostgreSQL provides a cost/benefit ratio that is more compelling than any commercial database on the market," said Ned Lilly, OpenMFG's Chief Executive Officer. "The benefit to our customers is clear: superior database performance and functionality, with no additional cost to their overall ERP software solution."

All OpenMFG products are built with robust open source components including the Linux operating system, the PostgreSQL database, and Qt framework for C++, and Qt/E for Embedded Linux. This underlying technology, invisible to the user, enables OpenMFG and its partners to deliver sophisticated ERP functionality at a very low total cost of ownership. It also enables a true multiplatform solution for individual workstations; the OpenMFG Client runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and various commercial Unix systems. The OpenMFG Embedded Client can run on any number of embedded Linux platforms. By leveraging this open source "stack," and through an innovative partner program which borrows from the open source software development process, OpenMFG brings a competitive new approach to a sorely underserved market.

About OpenMFG

OpenMFG, LLC, develops enterprise software tailored to the needs and budgets of small, entrepreneurial manufacturing companies. OpenMFG products give companies visibility into costs, supply chains, processes, inventory and financial operations with a lower cost of ownership than competing enterprise resource planning (ERP) products, and are sold to end-user customers through a network of value added partners throughout North America.

About PostgreSQL

With more than 16 years of development by hundreds of the world's most generous and brilliant minds from the open source community, PostgreSQL is the world's most advanced open source database. With its long time support of an enterprise level feature set including transactions, stored procedures, triggers, and subqueries, PostgreSQL is being used by many of today's most demanding businesses and government agencies. PostgreSQL is available under a BSD License for both commercial and non-commercial use. To find out more about PostgreSQL or to download it, please visit