xTupler #9 — Are you ready to xTuple?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

xTupler #9  | September 2009

Dear Community —

Read below for details on the all-new version 3.3 of xTuple ERP (PostBooks, Standard, and Manufacturing Editions), as well as a FREE public beta release of xTuple's new Point-of-Sale package for retail businesses. Our global community continues to grow and thrive - and we're looking for your input as we look out to the next few releases of the software.

Thanks, as always, for your interest in xTuple - and we look forward to seeing you at the community website, www.xtuple.org.

Best regards,

BC Wilson
Director of Internet Communications 

Open Beta of xTuple POS 3.3.0

If your company does any retail business, with in-store point-of-sale (POS) stations, you need to give xTuple POS a try. This is the second release of xTuple POS, updated for version 3.3.0 of the core ERP system, and for a limited time we're offering the beta version of xTPOS 3.3.0 for free.

This is a great opportunity to get a free look at a package that ordinarily sells for $295. If you decide to upgrade to the final release when it comes out in a few weeks, we'll be offering the final licensed version for a 20% discount to anyone who downloaded the beta. To use the xTPOS 3.3.0 beta, you'll also need to install the xTuple 3.3.0 core database and client software.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the beta of xTPOS 3.3.0 today for free!

New PostBooks 3.3.0 Installer on SourceForge.net

The best way to learn is to try, and you can try xTuple ERP when you download xTuple ERP PostBooks Edition version 3.3.0, from SourceForge. We distribute an easy-to-use installer that includes the PostgreSQL server, three different test databases, and the xTuple client software. You can get it for Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. Version 3.3.0 includes a host of improvements for handling international tax structures, as well as other fixes and features.

PostBooks is the free, open source edition of xTuple ERP. It offers all the features you'll need to run a small-to-medium sized business, including accounting, purchasing, inventory, product, and CRM modules. Our commercial editions, Standard Edition and Manufacturing Edition, are the upgrade path for distributors and manufacturers who need more powerful and specialized features. And remember, xTuple offers a variety of free and paid support options for all editions of xTuple ERP.

From the Product Development Manager: We Want Your Feedback

If you follow the xTuple Product Roadmap, you might notice that version 4.0 targeted for early 2010 is slated to offer significant user interface (UI) enhancements. The idea is add tools that help users learn how to use the system and find information quickly. We are looking for feedback from the community about what they would find most useful. Based on the feedback we get from day to day, what users like about xTuple is our clean no-nonsense interface. We often hear from our fans "Please don't wreck your clean interface by cluttering it with a bunch of useless eye candy like so many other systems." On the other hand we do hear criticism that even though the application is very poweful the interface is almost too... spartan.

What we need right now is feedback from you! What would you find most useful? What do you absolutely not want us to change? In particular, we are looking for feedback on general organization such as navigation, search capabilities, and data organization. Your feedback can make a difference, let us know your thoughts by posting your comments here.

Community Corner

Feedback from last month's training class

"I did NOT want to attend the Introduction to xTuple ERP course. I have 20 years of ERP experience in several packages and within several industries. I didn't think that an 'introduction' class was going to teach me anything new. I held my nose and kept an open mind, and after the first few hours, I was glad I had come. The course turned out to be a good investment, even for someone with my experience. The instructor led us at an easy pace through lecture, demonstration, and hands on configuration of the xTuple ERP application. By the last day we 'opened' our practice companies for buisiness and were able to completely understand how the data flows through the business model.”
— Shane Steincamp, new xTuple partner

"The xTuple training program has proven itself an essential resource. Not only for conveying the functionality of the application, but for understanding the best practice use of the application as well. I found the trainers to be knowledgeable and passionate about their products and able to relate application features to a wide variety of real world scenarios. Simply put, we found xTuple training is the key to get the most value from xTuple's products.”
Steve Buttgereit, new xTuple Partner

Don't miss the next xTuple training class.

Employee Showcase

Steven Murray, PHP Developer

We do a lot of web stuff around here, and when we need a new PHP tool, or a customization of our Drupal environment, we turn to Steven Murray. We've been calling him an "intern" for almost three years, because he's managed to balance his xTuple work with his undergraduate computer science classwork at Old Dominion University.

Last year he wrote our web-based translation tool, an interface that allows multiple users to collaborate on translating the xTuple ERP interface into a variety of languages. We now have more than 20 language projects running on the translation tool.

Currently, Steven is finishing up work on xTnet, a web-based front end to the xTuple CRM tools that we are using to manage our own support helpdesk. xTnet is currently in beta testing with some of our partners; we will soon be rolling it out to all of our partners and customers. It includes Incidents, To-Do's, and Opportunities - as well as basic CRM Accounts and Contacts.

If you're looking for Steven after work, you'd better check World of Warcraft, where his Tauren Shaman can be found storming the citadels of the Alliance most evenings and weekends.

Partner Showcase

Steve Henry - San Diego Mac IT

Steve Henry has more than 30 years experience in technology management, software development and project management. He is well known for his ability to understand technologies and apply them to real world business situations in a wide variety of industries and business situations. Steve's experience ranges from technical lead for the development of a shop floor control system to serving as project manager for an ERP system rollout for over 12,000 users.

Steve has worked with a number of Tier 1 and 2 ERP systems, and has made xTuple a major focus of his consulting business since becoming a partner one year ago. He enjoys participating in the forums as well as offering suggestions and tools that other partners can share. When Steve does step away from his computer screen, he enjoys spending time with family, sailing, woodworking, and hanging out at many of the beautiful San Diego beaches.

Steve is often mistaken for his three brothers - Barry, Robin, and Maurice - who enjoyed some musical success in the 1970s.

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