haxTuple (bug derby) details

We are proud to announce haxTuple - our second annual "bug derby," now underway.  Check out the leaderboard in the left-hand navigation of this page.

From February 15th to March 8th, we will be obsessively fixated on resolving as many bugs as possible for the 3.5 release and we are inviting the greater xTuple community to join in. 

There will be prizes for participating contributors - including an Apple iPad, free seats of xTuple training, T-shirts, and some great geek toys (read on)... 

Check out the prize gallery below:

The grand prize winner, the contributor outside xTuple staff that submits the highest number of fixes (code to resolve at least 15 bugs), will win an an Apple iPad (as soon as we can get our hands on one!)
Every contributor who submits 15 or more fixes will receive a free pass to the xTuple training class of their choice.  This is actually worth much more than the iPad, and we'd love to have community members take advantage of this offer!
Every contributor who submits 10 or more fixes gets an honest-to-goodness Star Trek phaser, from ThinkGeek.  How cool is that?
Every contributor who submits 5 or more fixes can hack the laws of time and space with this Albert Einstein action figure, also from ThinkGeek.
And every contributor who submits just 2 fixes (more than one, we know you're serious!) gets a handsome haxTuple T-Shirt, sure to be a collector's item!

All participants will be publicly credited for their contributions.

Rules of Engagement

  • Eligible bug fixes apply to both the PostBooks and OpenRPT projects on SourceForge, or any xTuple commercial products (obviously the latter can only be contributed by paying customers using these products).

  • All community members who wish to participate should request "updater" or higher privileges on our issue tracker if they don't already have them.  Please just post a comment on this blog to request that access.

  • Participants will assign themselves issues so the larger community knows who is working on them.  Make sure you set the "haxTuple" flag to "yes" on the issue.

  • Participants with commit privileges can commit code directly and change the issue status to "Resolved".  Community participants who don't currently have SVN commit privileges can simply attach their code fixes as zip files to the issue and change the severity to "Patch" and status to "Confirmed."

  • All fixes should be applied to code version 3.5.0 Beta due to be published on February 12th, or the Beta 2 expected around February 26th.

  • All fixes must be contributed between February 13th and March 8th.

  • All fixes will need to be incorporated and validated by xTuple Quality Assurance.

  • All fixes require a code contribution.  That is to say, marking a duplicate issue as resolved doesn't count!

It's Easy to get set up... really!

If you need help getting started on setting up a Qt development environment, we've created a concise 8 Step Quick Start guide for windows users here based on Chris Ryan's recent Jelly Bean blog post.  We'll also be releasing a pre-configured Ubuntu virtual machine with Qt pre-installed shortly before the event. 

For more in-depth information about xTuple Development, please see the xTuple Developer Zone

We will announce the Grand Prize winner of the iPad on or before the final release of 3.5.0.  We look forward to working with you all helping to make xTuple the most bug free ERP system available.



John Rogelstad

Software Development and Professional Services at xTuple, April 2007 – June 2014

Forward-thinking strategist and visionary technology executive, with hands-on manufacturing and SDLC coding experience, conceptualizes world-class products and leads struggling companies to profitability and status as industry leaders. Consensus-building planning and development engineer exceeds customer expectations while continually analyzing growth opportunities. Empowering and approachable diplomat fosters strong relationships with clients, vendors and cross-functional teams while monetizing new services and optimizing operations to control costs. With a history of industry leading success and resourceful problem solving abilities, trusted mentor and natural leader coaches robust teams, ensures technical excellence across the enterprise. Business Analysis ▪ Budget Management ▪ ERP Engineering and Architecture ▪ Contract Negotiation ▪ Production Planning ▪ Process Improvement ▪ Strategic Partnership Development ▪ Project Management
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