Recommendations and reviews — xTuple named top-rated MRP

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Named to Capterra's 20 Most Popular Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Software Solutions List

It's almost time for Valentine's Day — when approximately 150 million cards are exchanged annually, the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas. And we're celebrating xTuple's recognition as one of the most popular and affordable, enterprise-class MRP business software solutions for small- and mid-sized companies by sharing Customer Reviews.

Material Requirements Planning software manages the material requirements for manufacturing processes. From planning manufacturing activities to purchasing and sales, MRP software aids the process from beginning to end. Common MRP functions include bills of material, compliance management, document management, forecasting, formula management, process manufacturing, product configurator, quality control, quote management, resource management, supplier management and supply chain management.

MRP is especially suited for companies with high demand and a growing number of orders. These companies find that tracking orders in an Excel spreadsheet can become overwhelming and inefficient. Having an MRP software system reduces human error and provides a clear visual of every moving cog along the production line.

Pay it Forward — Reviews

Our hearts are warmed when we receive new reviews of xTuple products and services, especially on highly acclaimed software review sites such as Capterra*. We thank our customers, including commercial and free PostBooks® users as well as technology partners, for their invaluable feedback.

Do you read online reviews? In today’s marketplace, big legacy ERPs can overshadow smaller companies like xTuple. At Capterra business software review, we're listed in the categories of eCommerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), MRP (Material Requirements Planning), Accounting and Business Management softwares.

Online reviews are extremely important. They help get the word out about our products and services. They help others find out — from their peers — whether xTuple is the best fit for their company's business software needs. Here's a few recent examples.

Douglas Muzatko, Owner at Multiport Services Corp.

'Extraordinary software from a extraordinary company.'
The best part about xTuple software is xTuple the company. xTuple's approach to licensing and development is refreshing. There are very few ERP solutions where one can easily connect with the head of development and the company president.

Michael Meskes, CEO at credativ

'Great support and a very sound technical foundation'
The best feature in my opinion is the team behind the software. They go out of their way to work with their users to give you the best experience possible. Everthing is kept in the open. The other, best feature is the technological base, the system uses PostgreSQL extensively. If you know your database you're right at home with xTuple.

Jim Wirt, Consultant at Beardon Services Inc.

'I've worked with ERP software for more than 20 years. xTuple is my current platform of choice.'
I like the open source platform and the ability to extend and customize as needed. The ability to customze allows us to integrate with other systems as requested by our customers.

Shree Vandenberg, President at Futures Technology

'I have installed, maintain and trained on xTuple for +6 on various OS's (Linux/Windows/Mac)'
1. As a non-practicing CPA, I love that this system follows GAAP and is auditable.
2. The cost of the software is excellent in comparison to other ERP system on the market.
3. This company truly listens to their users on features and bugs. You have a proactive roll in the development of the software, which is refreshing.
4. In partner and customer training you actually get to meet and talk with the developers.

Mitch Lipayon, President at Versa Computer Consulting L.L.C.

'I am a software developer and IT consultant specializing in business systems integration.'
This software is developed with the highest quality standards. Being open source, it helps developers to more easily build integrations and customizations. With some training, customizations can also be built by non-programmers.

Janine Dueck, CFO at Instrument Meter Specialties (Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing)

'Overall the xTuple software has been wonderful. Easy to use and presents very professionally.'
You can begin with a free version and if that version fulfills all of your needs you can continue with that, however for added functionality there are licencing fees for that functionality. It is easy to use (once the beginning numbers are in) and it makes a small company look larger due to the look and design of their forms (you can design your own as well). The functionality is incredible. The type of business we are in requires things that most software does not provide for which has made running our business quite a bit easier. We are a modification center and xTuple allows us to use different parts to make the same end product by using substitutions, this has been a tremendous help to us. It was nice to be able to start with the free version and see just what this amazing piece of software could do. They also have an "online university" where users can communicate with each other and xTuple themselves, that has proven to be extremely valuable. Many times the issue or question we have has already been dealt with through another customer and the answer sits right there accessible to us. Overall xTuple has been great for us. They also are now hosting our website and although there have been some rough patches, I don't think we would go anywhere else as they allow it to integrate with our software, a big help.

Will you take a moment of your time to pay it forward and fill-out a review on software research site, Capterra? It’s a fast, simple way for you to help make a difference with xTuple and the open source community. Thanks so much!

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Missy Schmidt

Vice President Marketing

Since early 2012, Missy has directed marketing for xTuple open source ERP, including the global user conference, inbound and outbound content marketing, lead generation, sales campaigns, website design and digital strategies. She has ties to the business and economic development, startup and entrepreneurial communities in Virginia and nationally. Prior to joining xTuple, Missy was VP of strategic communication and marketing for Hampton Roads Partnership, a public-private corporation that worked to improve the region's economy within the international marketplace. Before that, Missy spent 25+ in sales, including product development, within the industries of telecommunications, retail, industrial food service, contract packaging and manufacturing. Missy holds a B.S. from James Madison University. She and her husband reside in the "innovation corridor" of downtown Norfolk.