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Free upgrade for all customers signed before April 11

OpenMFG, the only company using open source software to bring full-featured enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications to small manufacturers, announces the pending arrival of OpenMFG ERP Suite Version 1.1, a fully integrated ERP solution which adds General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable...

By Ned Lilly

Replacing an aging enterprise resource planning/manufacturing resource planning (ERP/MRP) system to stay competitive brings with it a host of questions. Will the system have the necessary visibility into manufacturing processes, particularly costs? Will it give customers and partners direct data exchange through the supply chain? Many companies facing this decision are...

By Information Week

So AMCO turned to OpenMFG, a new ERP suite designed to meet the needs of small manufacturers. "Our scheduling, planning, and work orders were killing us," general manager Kirby Slack says. "But now, with OpenMFG, that's all two mouse clicks away." Where scheduling tasks used to take a day to set up, now they're done in 30 minutes, he says.


Company puts powerful functionality in reach of smaller companies, rewrites rules of partner relationships

OpenMFG LLC today announced the launch of its first product, a fully integrated manufacturing, distribution and finance software suite aimed directly at small entrepreneurial manufacturers (SEMs) — the 300,000 companies with revenues under $50 million...