How to Download xTuple Software

Where can I find xTuple software releases and packages?

Most xTuple projects are managed — and products hosted — on GitHub, the development platform. Most non-commercial packages and releases are on both GitHub and on SourceForge, the community collaboration resource for open source software development and distribution. See the Compatibility Matrix for an up-to-date listing of products and versions.

Are you a New or Current User of xTuple Software?

Download xTuple business management software for your operating system and log into our cloud-based unlimited Free Demo public test database. Preview all CRM, ERP and Accounting features of all-in Enterprise Edition, plus xTupleCommerce — Customer Sales & Service Web Portal. Includes easy access to educational guides and xTuple University. Try before you buy.
Use the Compatibility Matrix to download and install xTuple's full-feature desktop software. The Matrix is mission-critical information to assist you when upgrading your version of xTuple ERP or upgrading extension packages or other applications which operate with xTuple. Simply find the versions of the database server, operating system and xTuple extensions that are compatible.

License Key Expiration Help — Which User are You?

Commercial Users
End User License Agreement (EULA) is a commercial agreement for advanced editions of xTuple ERP
PostBooks® Users
Common Public Attribution License (CPAL) is a free software license; FREE — for up to four (4) users

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Companies of all sizes can successfully implement powerful, and easy-to-use, open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to grow their business profitably. Let us know how we can help.

Need to Upgrade? Ensure your version is compatible

Compatibility Matrix
Customer Support

How to Buy from xTuple MarketPlace

Find apps and extensions, documentation and forms (PDF), reports and definitions (XML), service and support, training events, and more. Includes add-on packages from our global community of partners and users who contribute products designed to power-up capabilities with your xTuple applications.