How can I obtain a free software license key for xTuple PostBooks® Edition?

To receive your complimentary (free!) license key for xTuple PostBooks® Edition, please complete and submit the PostBooks® registration form, and a member of our staff (known as the "Key Master") will provide you with a new 1-year license and instructions for updating the license in order to log into your xTuple database.

If you request a key for multiple users, have questions, or are interested in a commercial PostBooks® license (which includes unlimited access to our customer support portal), the xTuple Sales Team will reach out to you from your form submission.

We provide a do-it-yourself guide to assist beginners with downloading, installing and using open source business management software xTuple PostBooks® for the first time. And we offer Load-and-Go: PostBooks® Setup Service for a nominal fee. See PostBooks® policy.

Please note: xTuple works as quickly as possible to fulfill your request. Key registrations are all processed by real humans and may take as much as 96 hours to deliver.