Is Open Source software secure?

Yes. Open Source systems are proven to be more secure than traditional software. It may be a bit counterintuitive — that a product with freely-viewable source code could be more secure than something that's locked up, proprietary, and “hidden.” In fact, with the enforced vigor and peer review inherent to open source, potential vulnerabilities are identified and fixed much more quickly and easily. In one well-publicized event, an application was open-sourced by a vendor who had been “supporting” this application to customers including large banks and the U.S. military for years. Within 24 hours of the source code being publicly available, a major back door security hole — which had been there for years — was identified and fixed by an open source developer looking at the code, for the very first time. Some of the most used and most popular softwares in the world today are open source: Google, WordPress, Magento, Bootstrap, Node.js, JQuery, PostgreSQL, Drupal (including this website and our eCommerce product) to name a few. Read the Top Ten Reasons to Use Open Source.