Why is a license key required for PostBooks®, even for the free version? Isn't it an open source product?

xTuple provides a complimentary (that's right, FREE) 1-year license key for one to four (1-4) concurrent users of our core offering — PostBooks® — upon submitting a simple registration form. You're also provided instructions for updating the license in order to log into your xTuple database.

Our goal is continual improvement of xTuple products — from the free and open source versions to the commercial editions. Product registration provides us the opportunity to learn more about the individuals, companies and industries using the application in order to continue developing a business management solution with our customers' needs in mind. It all starts with xTuple PostBooks® — the completely free and open source product baseline, of which everyone has access to the full source code. Companies who want additional vertical functionality also have commercial open source software license options with full-feature packaged Editions.

We always provide a do-it-yourself guide to assist beginners with downloading, installing and using open source business management software xTuple PostBooks® for the first time. And to get started quickly, we offer Load-and-Go: PostBooks® Setup Service for a nominal fee. See PostBooks® policy.