Integration and Business Development Partners

Want to integrate your applications with any edition of xTuple ERP or xTupleCommerce?

Interested in developing new business channels to grow revenue?

We welcome the opportunity to engage with new integration or business development partners. Our recommended and preferred method of application integration is via the xTuple REST API, which makes discrete pieces of ERP, CRM and accounting functionality addressable and consumable via Web services.

NOTE: We offer three (3) tiers of support for integration partners, all of which come bundled with xTuple training credits (available for online or in-person classes). All integration partners must select one tier below. See descriptions here to make your selection.

  • Basic developer support: Incident-based (filed via our website). Best for Q&A, code review.
  • Application support: Adds phone support to the above. Best for application integrations where a deeper knowledge of business processes is required.
  • Premium support: All of the above, plus 40 hours of professional services time, which may be used for actual directed development work.

The following discovery questions will help us (and you) understand the scope of the opportunity.