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Developed a custom report, an extension package of custom screens and scripts, or another type of application to interface with xTuple ERP? Get your product into the hands of more xTuple users.

First Question: Free or Paid?

Do you want to make your software available under a free and open source license? Or do you prefer to charge a fee?

If you choose “free,” then we can upload your software immediately. If you wish to sell your software, please read and agree to the xTuple MarketPlace Seller Agreement. xTuple will review your submission.


Seller Agreement Overview

  • No fee to list your software
  • xTuple manages purchase transactions for a small fee on each completed sale
    • Regular Full Access user (not a Partner): You keep 40%
    • xTuple Authorized Consultant: You keep 50%
    • xTuple Solution Provider: You keep 60%
    • xTuple Development Partner: You keep 70%
    • xTuple Gold Partner: You keep 80%
  • When you become a Partner or upgrade from one Partner level to another, the new fee level is applicable on your very next sale
  • All sales are final; you are responsible for support, warranties or refunds
  • xTuple pays your residuals on a monthly basis


What do we need to know about your product for the MarketPlace?

  • Product type
    • Apps & Extensions — completely separate (non Web-based) applications that connect to xTuple ERP; or integrated packages which combine custom screens, scripting and reports in xTuple ERP; or tools to connect an xTuple ERP back-end system to Web front-end application
    • Docs & Forms (PDF) — documentation and “how-tos” of your own creation that are suitable for printing
    • Report Definitions (XML) — individual XML files of printable reports in xTuple ERP
    • Service & Support
    • Training
  • Software name
  • Software description
  • xTuple version compatibility
  • Operating system compatibility


How to create a package for submission?