Authorized Consultant Partner Level

Want to take the first step in a business relationship before the full plunge?


The cost to be an xTuple Authorized Consultant is the same as the "xTuple: Setup, Configuration and Operation" 5-day In Classroom training — and you also receive direct helpdesk support and two licenses of the full commercial products for your own internal use. Authorized Consultants are focused on delivering professional services, not selling. Some are open source “purists” and only work with the free PostBooks® Edition of xTuple ERP. Some are independent consultants who don't want to have a sales relationship with any one vendor. Some are contractually prevented from selling another ERP product, but not from providing services around it. And some just do not like to sell. If any of these descriptions sound like you, consider becoming an Authorized Consultant.


Compare Partner Levels to find the right fit for you and your business

Solution Provider
Solution Providers can earn up to 45% on sales of all published xTuple products and services.
Authorized Consultant
Authorized Consultants are focused on delivering professional services, not selling.

Partner Levels — How We Work Together — AUTHORIZED CONSULTANT

Your Commission
  • Partner-generated Leads — n/a
  • xTuple-generated Leads — n/a
xTuple MarketPlace
  • Sales of Your Extensions — 50%
  • Premium account — one
  • Premium sales commission — n/a
  • 1. Setup, Config & Ops — one seat
  • 2. Power User Training — one seat
  • Discount on Extra Seats — 25%
Support Included
  • Direct Partner Support — Yes
Licenses — Internal Use Only
  • Licenses Available — 2
Named Support Contacts
  • Total — 1
No Mandatory Sales Goals
  • Partner Fees — Paid Annually — $2,000 (USD)
  • Partner Fees — Paid Monthly — $200 (USD)


"Over Achiever" Club — No Mandatory Sales Goals — Partner Fee Waived

  • n/a


Note — Monthly payment option available with ACH direct debit from a U.S. bank account only


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Be a Sales Affiliate

Have a full schedule and cannot take on anything more? You can be earn 10% commission for every lead you pass along to xTuple that closes. You can learn about xTuple with no partner fee, no formal training, just the opportunity to earn some extra money.

Be a Developer Affiliate

Are you a software developer who doesn't want to sell, bundle or embed xTuple solutions, but have your own application to integrate with our products? No commissions, just developer-to-developer support. List your software in our solutions directory on the xTuple MarketPlace.