Why Partner with xTuple — World’s #1 Open Source ERP

Current Partners tell us reasons to join xTuple

  • Quality products
  • Strong brand
  • Global user community
  • Partner-friendly reputation
  • Competitive commissions
  • Deep training, online, on/off-site
  • Lead-generating sales and marketing support
  • Steady and profitable growth 
  • Unlimited target markets — 300,000+ manufacturing companies in U.S. alone with sales of $1-50 million

xTuple invites our Partners to ...

  1. Be More Profitable
    1. Make Money with FREE Product — PostBooks®
    2. Replaces Sage, Microsoft and other mid-tier ERP systems
    3. Replaces entry-level Accounting, such as QuickBooks®
  2. Be More Compensated
    1. Overachievers Club earns waived Partner Fees
    2. Earn Generous Commissions
    3. Sell your Extensions and earn 50-80%
  3. Be More Empowered
    1. Comprehensive Training included at all levels
    2. Power User, Setup Configuration-Ops & more
    3. Offered online, on-site and off-site
  4. Be More Supported
    1. Unlimited Support at your fingertips — Web, email, phone
    2. Incident Tracker for feature requests and bugs
    3. Geo-specific Sales & Marketing support
  5. Be More Protected
    1. Your customers are always YOUR customers
    2. Local Partners provide best Customer Support
    3. No competition from HQ for new customers
  6. Be More Competitive
    1. Version Upgrades with simple script
    2. Scalable, customizable, affordable solution
    3. No deadends — No graveyard — No way
  7. Be More Flexible
    1. Desktop & Mobile apps — use anywhere
    2. Any operating system, cloud or on-premise
    3. Annual, perpetual or monthly pricing options

Want to Compare Features, by Edition and by Module?

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Partner Channel Development

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