Discounts and Promotions

Enhanced Pricing

Create coupon codes and other discounts and promotions for xTuple's Web Portal and/or xTuple ERP.


$10,000 — as add-on with PostBooks®, Distribution or Manufacturing Editions
Discounts — included with Enterprise Edition

What is xTuple Discounts and Promotions?

The Discounts and Promotions package (also known as Enhanced Pricing) is an add-on available to use with any edition of xTuple ERP to drive your customer's interest, improve sales and increase your company's revenues.

The Discounts and Promotions package provides the ability to define promotional discounts. Orders are evaluated against a set of defined discount rules that can be applied either automatically or manually. The following list of discounts is a small sample of the discounts you can define using the Discounts and Promotions package:

  • Buy one get one free (BOGO)
  • Percent off qualified purchases
  • Dollars off qualified purchases
  • Coupon codes

The power and flexibility of the package's rules engine provides the ability to design discounts unique to your business needs, far beyond the samples provided. Discounts may be specific to items, sale types, and customers. The availability of discounts can also be limited to a time period using a date range.

xTuple Web Portal uses the Discounts and Promotions package for processing discount codes, allowing for a wide range of online promotions. For more information, please see the xTuple Web Portal Product Guide.


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