Quality Control

Inspection and Testing During Product Lifecycle

Meet standards of excellence and document regulatory and/or quality compliance such as ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and FAI (First Article Inspection) for your industry, easily manage and/or improve non-conformance with corrective and preventative actions.


$10,000 — as add-on with PostBooks®, Distribution or Manufacturing Editions
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What is xTuple Quality Control?

From purchased product to production to distribution and customer service, xTuple Quality Control add-on is a suite of tools to help you meet standards of excellence and document regulatory and/or ISO compliance. Easily manage and/or improve non-conformance with corrective and preventative actions.

With the xTuple QC add-on, the inspection and testing of items at various stages of the product life-cycle is covered. Intended for shop floor environments, xTuple QC is a mobile, Web-based quality control application that is fully ERP-integrated to simplify operations for small- and mid-sized manufacturers and distributors.

Key benefits

  • Document, within xTuple ERP, inspection or testing at item receipt, production and shipment stages
  • Consolidate and integrate quality routines into the ERP workflow
  • Direct staff actions with the use of xTuple workflow engine
  • Lean your shop floor processes for improved efficiency
  • Meet and document quality control requirements for regulatory and/or industry-specific compliance

Who uses xTuple Quality Control, and why?

Quality is of paramount concern for food and beverage, medical, aerospace, automotive or the general manufacturer. The QC add-on introduces new quality concepts into multiple key areas of xTuple ERP.

  • Quality Test Specifications — instructions and item requirements for inspections or tests to be conducted
  • Quality Test Plans — define what test specifications are to be applied on which items and at what interval or frequency; xTuple can automatically create and assign Testing Documents to the correct users
  • Quality Test Dispositions — define the current status of the Quality Test and the item being tested, and whether the item is in testing, released for further use, or has failed a test and requires the user to scrap, quarantine or rework the item; appropriate notifications of non-compliance are automatically routed to key stakeholders
  • Quality Test Documents — the actual execution document which identifies that a test is required and, specifically, what needs testing as well as the detailed test results based on actual observation or measurements; used extensively in reporting and statistical analysis


How to Buy xTuple Add-Ons

From Customer Experience to Commissions to Project Accounting and Budgeting, Quality Control to Fixed Asset Management or EDI, xTuple makes it easy for you to acquire your necessary add-on products.

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Introduction to Quality Testing and Workflow

Examine how quality works in xTuple — testing, releasing items and tests, the scrap process, item disposition and the successor workflow step, successor options, and failed workflow tests.

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