Get Started with xTuple PostBooks®

Get Started with xTuple PostBooks®

Guide to assist beginners with downloading, installing and using PostBooks® for the first time

xTuple PostBooks® is open source business management software for sales, accounting, operations and CRM in a single system.

1. How do I get started?

Like most business software, xTuple ERP uses a client/server model, requiring both a database server component and a client application used to access the database. We've created three ways — all complimentary — for you to download and start using the software.

2. How do I set up PostgreSQL and install PostBooks®?

Before proceeding, be aware that it's not necessary to install the xTuple database locally. (You can use the cloud-based Free Demo.) If you prefer to have the database on a local computer, please follow these detailed do-it-yourself instructions.

3. Obtain a software license key for xTuple PostBooks®

Using xTuple PostBooks® Edition requires a software license key. It's FREE — for up to four (4) concurrent users — or you can explore commercial options for five (5) or more users.

What if my license key has expired?

Attention: xTuple license keys expire and will cause the software to cease to function. The system provides ample warnings to avoid this. Please make arrangements prior to expiration to renew your key. Instructions are available if your key has already expired, and you cannot log into the Desktop client.

How do I log in to PostBooks®?

Here's instructions (with detailed screenshots) on logging in to a Free Demo database or to an on-site database.

How do I get help with and learn to use PostBooks®?

Learn all of the benefits of and ways to use PostBooks® — xTuple offers options from free to premium.

Ready to add data in your local xTuple install? Let QuickStart Wizard guide you.

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