How do I get help with and learn to use PostBooks®?

Need Help? PostBooks® Setup Service

Need someone to guide you through setup of the PostBooks® Client-Server? We offer a one-time initial setup training session to stand up PostBooks® on your machine for a nominal fee, called Load-and-Go Service: Remote install of PostgreSQL and xTuple PostBooks® database.

Read the latest in up-to-date documentation from the developers themselves for guidance on installing and using xTuple ERP.
Developer Zone
Visit the developer zone for source code activity and information about upcoming features and customizing xTuple ERP.

Issue Tracker
Use the issue tracker to report new or view existing bugs or request / suggest new features for xTuple.
xTuple University
Online center for xTuple ERP, CRM, Accounting and eCommerce documentation, videos, insider tips, how-tos.