How Do I Log In to PostBooks®?

Launch the xTuple Desktop application

Locate the installed application on your computer and launch it — after you download and run the xTuple Desktop client installer on your local computer.

Log in to a Free Demo database

If you registered for a Free Demo of xTuple, you were directed to an acknowledgment webpage and received an email with login instructions for the Desktop client with "Thank you for registering for a demo of xTuple ERP+CRM with xTupleCommerce Web Portal" in the subject line. Enter this information into the login screen of the xTuple Desktop client (shown below).

Complete all the fields above. If you need login information, apply for a Free Demo now. If you applied and did not receive your email with login credentials, please check your junk folder or spam filter.

Log in to an on-site database

If you prefer to set up an on-site xTuple server, please see "Installing PostBooks® Database." Once setup, locate your xTuple client application and open it. Use the following credentials to log in to your database.

  • Server = localhost or
  • Database = dbTest (or whatever you named yours)
  • Port = 5432
  • Username = admin
  • Password = admin

Use the same steps to add more databases to your PostgreSQL server; however, if you're running a production database, run only the production database on the server - do not load other databases onto the same PostgreSQL instance.


Need Help? PostBooks® Setup Service

Need someone to guide you through setup of the PostBooks® Client-Server? We offer a one-time initial setup training session to stand up PostBooks® on your machine for a nominal fee, called Load-and-Go Service: Remote install of PostgreSQL and xTuple PostBooks® database.

Register for Free Demo of xTuple. No Credit Card Required.

Download xTuple desktop software for your operating system and log into our cloud-based unlimited Free Demo public test database. Preview all CRM, ERP and Accounting features of the all-in Enterprise Edition, plus xTupleCommerce.