How Do I Log In to PostBooks®?

Launch the xTuple Desktop application

Locate the installed application on your computer and launch it — after you download and run the xTuple Desktop client installer on your local computer.

Log in to an on-site database

If you prefer to set up an on-site xTuple server, please see "Installing PostBooks® Database." Once setup, locate your xTuple client application and open it. Use the following credentials to log in to your database.

  • Server = localhost or
  • Database = dbTest (or whatever you named yours)
  • Port = 5432
  • Username = admin
  • Password = admin

Use the same steps to add more databases to your PostgreSQL server; however, if you're running a production database, run only the production database on the server — do not load other databases onto the same PostgreSQL instance.


Need Help? PostBooks® Setup Service

Need someone to guide you through setup of the PostBooks® Client-Server? We offer a one-time initial setup training session to stand up PostBooks® on your machine for a nominal fee, called Load-and-Go Service: Remote install of PostgreSQL and xTuple PostBooks® database.