How Do I Download PostBooks®

xTuple offers you options with PostBooks®

Like most business software, xTuple ERP uses a client/server model, requiring both a database server component and a client application used to access the database. We've created three ways for you to download and start using the software.


Need Help? PostBooks® Setup Service

Need someone to guide you through setup of the PostBooks® Client-Server? We offer a one-time initial setup training session to stand up PostBooks® on your machine for a nominal fee, called Load-and-Go Service: Remote install of PostgreSQL and xTuple PostBooks® database.

Do-It-Yourself PostBooks®

Set up a local PostgreSQL server yourself and install the PostBooks® database. Desktop Setup: use the command line or simple GUI (graphical user interface) approach to use pgAdmin to get started.

What if I need a license key or my key has expired?

Attention: xTuple license keys expire and will cause the software to cease to function. The system provides ample warnings to avoid this. Please make arrangements prior to expiration to renew your key. Instructions are available if your key has already expired, and you cannot log into the Desktop client.

Ready to add data in your local xTuple install? Let QuickStart Wizard guide you.

How do you manage your business?

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