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How to earn xTuple University Training Credits?

Every annual Support Contract (for both core ERP and xTupleCommerce, if applicable) includes — at no additional cost — a credit allowance to use for any regularly scheduled xTuple training offering. Every $200 spent earns one (1) Training Credit hour. Example: $3600/year equals the 18-hour online ERP Basics class.

PostBooks® License

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) version
Free license key for up to four (4) users

Community Support via Forums
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Commercial License

All Editions available as Perpetual or Annual, as a concurrent user-based fee

  1. PostBooks®
  2. Distribution
  3. Manufacturing or
  4. Enterprise Editions

Community Support via Forums, plus access to xTuple online Issue Tracker for incident submissions and bug tracking
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Software Maintenance

Entitles Licensee to receive all updates and enhancements (provided electronically) to the Software released by xTuple
Included in Annual License; paid anually with Perpetual License

Does not include installation of upgrades, add XTN Basic or Premium for xTuple to install upgrades on your server
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Software Support

Customers who purchase Helpdesk support for any commercial edition of xTuple receive two (2) named users who are authorized to contact the xTuple support team on behalf of your company via telephone or xTuple's Issue Tracker, the online support ticketing system. Support for xTupleCommerce sold separately.
Support fee based on user count

Services supported after go-live:

  1. Regular Bug Fixes
  2. How do I...? Questions
  3. Analyze Support Incidents
  4. Fast-track bug fixes
  5. Repair bug-related data problems

† PostBooks® — Companies who purchase a commercial PostBooks® license, without the additional helpdesk support, are entitled to a single (1) named contact and online ticket support only.

 Cloud Hosting — Companies who purchase cloud hosting, without the additional helpdesk support, are entitled to a single (1) named contact and online ticket support only.

Pricing of Software Support

ERP Support

  • Base price — 10% of Perpetual license
  • Minimum — $1,500 per year
  • Includes Helpdesk after go-live
  • Training Credits included

xTupleCommerce Support

  • No charge if your existing ERP support contract is greater than $3,225 per year
  • Base price (without ERP support) — $3,000 per year
  • Includes Helpdesk after go-live
  • Training Credits included

Business Continuity

Remote Backup

  1. Every day, xTuple electronically transfers a backup of your database to a safe and secure off-site storage server
  2. Request a copy of these backups at any time

Disaster Recovery

  1. Within 24 hours of a disaster, if needed, xTuple will restore your latest backup to a cloud server
  2. xTuple provides up to 30 days of free access to your database, from wherever you are

Annual (best value) or monthly

Take advantage of off-site cloud storage to prevent catastrophic business interruptions
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XTN Remote Upgrade Service


  1. Includes all upgrades applied via pilot-testing
  2. Troubleshooting — five (5) hours per year


  1. Includes all upgrades applied via pilot-testing
  2. Troubleshooting — ten (10) hours per year

Annual (best value) or monthly

Includes chores connected with maintaining your xTuple database — from managed installation of software upgrades to advanced database tuning resulting from user-created data problems, plus tweaks to custom reports and scripts associated with moving from version to another
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Professional Services


For customers installing ERP for the first time or converting an existing ERP system to xTuple, includes

  1. Convert legacy data
  2. Setup/Stage company data
  3. Run and test pilot systems
  4. Train users on-site
  5. PostgreSQL database setup and support

Expert Consulting

Designed for complex tasks such as database tuning, application integration, and audits and analysis of existing ERP systems

  1. PostgreSQL database setup and support
  2. Audit existing ERP systems
  3. Integrate xTuple packages
  4. Integrate third-party applications
  5. Modify or Add Custom Screens
  6. Custom business processes

Available in Hourly, Daily, Weekly packages
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Pricing of Implementation and Professional Services

  • Implementation Services — $275/hour
  • Custom Development — $300/hour
  • Expert Consulting — $325/hour
  • Prepaid bundles available at a discount — please contact us for more details

Need to Upgrade? Ensure your version is compatible

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Customer Support

Business Continuity — Off-site Backup and Disaster Recovery Service

When you entrust your essential business information to one database, you need to know your data is protected. Take advantage of off-site cloud storage to prevent catastrophic business interruptions. What would you do if disaster strikes?

Jim McCluskey, Senior Consultant — Professional Services

Successful implementations don't just happen — it's all about people. Too many organizations think they just need to find an ERP system with a good fit, and their job is done. Unfortunately, many stumble at the start and sometimes never finish. Help other xTuple users in our global open source community by sharing your expertise.

Mike Atherton, Professional Services Consulting

ERP implementations are a challenge no matter the complexity of your business. Our experts are available to assist in the execution of your new system using proven implementation methodologies and to optimize the benefits of your new enterprise application.

Pierce Tyler, VP Services

Support options vary from free community resources to paid expert consulting. Find out which is right for your business.

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