Webinar Series: What's New in ERP? Business Happens on the Web

What determines your business software investments?

  • FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt)?
  • GAG (gloss and glam)?
  • Cheap — Easy — Good Enough?

You’re a distributor searching for a solution to growing your online business. You’re a manufacturer wondering what all this fuss about digital transformation means for your sales team. The marketplace is quickly getting saturated with names like Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, 3dcart and Magento, but are these the right eCommerce options for your business?

In our continuing series “What's New in ERP? Business Happens on the Web,” we’ll explore:

  • How an eCommerce platform can benefit manufacturers
  • What are the most popular eCommerce platforms
  • When [and how] ERP+eCommerce can benefit your business

Your business objectives determine which eCommerce platform is right for you.

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