xTuple is the QuickBooks Alternative

9 Reasons to Move from QuickBooks® to xTuple®

xTuple makes next generation business management software that grows and matures with your company.

  • Get powerful information reporting for business decision-making and low total cost of ownership
  • Collaborate directly with supported community and receive extensive training, much of it free
  • Benefit from flexibility with operating system, on premise or in the cloud

xTuple is accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and corporate relationship management (CRM) software that is more than evolutionary. It’s revolutionary. Not only does it provide one platform that efficiently and effectively weaves together all facets of your organization and all the people who play a role within, it is also open source software, which means you — or anyone you choose — can modify it to meet your business needs.

This is the financial software of the future. With xTuple, you can harness the Collective Brainpower of your employees, partners, customers and suppliers. Your business can run harmoniously without the limitations of QuickBooks accounting and especially with the added value of 360-degree visibility on a single business software platform. And, with xTuple, you are in charge.

This Collective Brainpower Brief will

  • Help you determine if you’ve outgrown QuickBooks
  • Show you what xTuple does differently and does extremely well
  • Usher your company into its next phase of growth and success with xTuple
  • Prove that the switch from QuickBooks to xTuple will transform your business