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Pre-Conference October 13-14 — Main Conference October 14-16

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  • New premium conference center and hotel
  • Network wth hundreds of global users
  • xTuple Open captain's choice golf tournament
  • Multiple attendee discounts for your company
  • Fast-paced, multi-track Conference Agenda
  • Private reception with keynote Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak
  • Inspirational Keynote and Session Speakers
  • Premier breakouts focused on Business, Operations and Technology
  • Half-day pre-conference workshops for deep-dive training
  • Frequently Asked Questions — FAQs

Bring your spouse or significant other. The City of Norfolk's Convention & Tourism Bureau is available to help plan your visit at VisitNorfolkToday.com. We've secured our special room rates (save up to 40% off regular rates) at the beautiful Norfolk Waterside Marriott & Conference Center both before and after xTupleCon14, too.


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Business Track Technology Track Operations & Planning Track Keynotes
Business Track Technology Track Operations & Planning Track Keynotes


Pre-Conference Workshops

Monday, October 13, 2014


WORKSHOP — Work with xTuple Import & Data Migration 
Mike Atherton, xTuple DC (USA) [BIO]



WORKSHOP — Develop Extensions for Mobile Web
Steve Hackbarth, xTuple Director of Software Development [BIO]



WORKSHOP — Master Inventory Control & Planning
Mike Atherton, xTuple DC (USA) [BIO]



WORKSHOP — Create & Analyze Custom Business Intelligence Dashboards
Jeff Gunderson, Senior Software Developer xTuple Midwest (USA)


Pre-Conference Workshops

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


WORKSHOP — Power-up xTuple Financials
Jim McCluskey, xTuple Professional Services [BIO]



WORKSHOP — Build Custom Reporting for Desktop & Mobile Web
Mike Atherton, xTuple DC (USA) & Steve Hackbarth, xTuple HQ [BIO]



xTupleCon Agenda

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Conference Registration — Check-in & pick-up tickets for VIP Keynote



Cocktail Welcome Reception — Meet WOZ
Chrysler Hall, 215 St. Paul's Blvd. [directions]



VIP Keynote — Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder [BIO]
Opening speaker, The Norfolk Forum at Chrysler Hall [detail]



Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Late Registration and Breakfast



KEYNOTE — Welcome to "Days of Future Apps"
Ned Lilly, xTuple CEO [BIO]



How to Keep Your Company’s Accounting Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant
Janet Bradsher, Solution Solvers 

Inventory Tools & Utilities You Wish You Knew
Wally Tonra, xTuple HQ [BIO]

Life on the Edge: Case Study in Customization, Integration and Implementation
Will Bralick, Paladin Logic [SPONSOR



Improve your Profitability with Integrated Business Intelligence
Jeff Gunderson, xTuple MidWest 

Case Study: Marketing Online — Top Ten Awesome Tools to Increase Sales
Josh Fischer, xTuple Web Services Group 

Beyond QuickBooks®: Integration Capabilities of xTuple
Scott Zuke, Core Services Group 



KEYNOTE — "I won't be offended if you turn away to watch the planes flying."
USN CAPT Bob "Goose" Geis [BIO



Common and Uncommon EDI Challenges Solved
Randall Hall, Co-Founder EDI Consulting Group [SPONSOR

Printing Barcode Labels with xTuple
Mike Atherton, xTuple DC (USA)

xTuple ERP is Calling: Browser-based, Plugin-free WebRTC Telephony for Web Applications
Daniel Pocock, Debian Project [BIO]



New Features in the Desktop Client for Job-oriented Manufacturers
Wally Tonra, xTuple Vice President of Sales [BIO]

Case Study: Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) Saves the Day
Mike Atherton, xTuple DC [BIO]

The xTuple Server for Implementers
Steve Hackbarth, BC Wilson, and Travis Webb, Server Team @xTuple HQ



Roundtable: Ask the Expert #AMA — Ask Me Anything #Business
Jim McCluskey, Director of Professional Services; Mike Atherton, Product Evangelist; Tom Atkins, Sales Engineer 

Roundtable: Ask the Expert #AMA — Ask Me Anything #Operations
David Beauchamp, xTuple Professional Services
BC Wilson, xTuple Director of Cloud Services

Roundtable: Ask the Expert #AMA — Ask Me Anything #Technology
Steve Hackbarth, Director of Software Development
Gil Moskowitz, Senior Developer



Adjourn — Dinner on your own or join us for an Evening Workshop



FREE Workshop — xTuple Headquarters [directions]

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


WORKSHOP — Browser-based, Plugin-free WebRTC Telephony for Web Applications
Daniel Pocock, Debian Project [BIO]
Project founder for JSCommunicator



Thursday, October 16, 2014



Breakfast and Networking


9:00am- 10:00am

KEYNOTE — ERP Trends Converge: Translating Technology for the Enterprise
Cindy Jutras, Mint Jutras [BIO]


10:15am- 11:00am

Improve your Profitability with Integrated Business Intelligence
Jeff Gunderson, xTuple MidWest

Navigating the Great Firewall of China: Are We Global Yet?
Dave Anderson, xTuple PacRim, with BC Wilson & Travis Webb, xTuple HQ

Git(Hub) with the Program: The Next Generation of Technical Collaboration
Steve Hackbarth, xTuple HQ


11:15am- 12:00pm

Some xTuple with your Drupal: Now it's a Web-based POS, Catalog, Customer Portal & more
Josh Fischer & Ben Thompson, xTuple Web Services Group

Introducing the xTuple Quality Management System
Dave Anderson, xTuple PacRim

We've Got Your Back: How to Use XTN and the Cloud for Business Continuity
BC Wilson and Perry Clark, xTuple HQ


1:00pm- 2:00pm

KEYNOTE —  Supply Chain Management Trends: Big Ships & Deep Canals Impact on Your Business 
Sara Russell, ODU Strome College of Business, Maritime Institute


2:15pm- 3:00pm
Here's How We Use It: Lessons from xTuple's CRM Dynamic Duo
Cam Hagan & Joe Hill, xTuple HQ Sales Team

Case Study: EDI Integration with xTuple, Connect and an Open Source Toolset
Scott Zuke, Core Services Group

Case Studies: Your Cloud or Mine? Public, Private and the Right to Change Your Mind
BC Wilson, xTuple HQ-Cloud Services; Panel of xTuple Customers


3:15pm- 4:00pm

Data Privacy and Security for Your Most Valuable Resource, Your Employees
Sujee Saparamadu, CEO/Co-Founder OrangeHRM [SPONSOR]

Case Study: A Distributor's Most Excellent Adventure
Mike Brockey, Kelly & Hayes; Stacey Pandeloglou, xTuple HQ

xHybrid: Web/Mobile Technology in the Desktop Client
Steve Hackbarth, xTuple HQ


4:15pm- 5:00pm

Package Processing with ShipIt for xTuple
Alex Kleyff, AKA Consulting

Introducing xTuple Workflow for the Mobile Web
Julian Carlin, xTuple Central America

Why Open Source? The Business Value of Technology
Josh Fischer, xTuple Web Services Group


5:30pm- 6:30pm

Reception & Relay Race: Dueling Mobile Warehouse Technologies (Your Night Out with Google Glass & Lasers)
Travis Webb, xTuple HQ


6:30pm- 8:00pm

Special Guests Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim [BIO] and Commonwealth of Virginia Secretary of Technology Karen Jackson [BIO]



Friday, October 17, 2014



xTuple Company Meeting
HQ, Norfolk



xTuple Partner Meeting
HQ, Norfolk



Saturday, October 18, 2014



xTuple Open Captain's Choice Golf Tournament
1 Bide-A-Wee Ln, Portsmouth
Rain or shine [directions to Bide-A-Wee golf]



All events are shown as Eastern Time (GMT-05:00-US & Canada)

Tracks = Business Management (BUS), Operations & Planning (OPS), Technology (TECH), All / Keynote (Suitable for any)
Workshop Rooms = Conference Center 3rd Floor Madison (A) | Tyler (B)
Session Rooms = Conference Center 3rd Floor HR VI (Right) | HR VII (Middle) | HR VIII (Left) Keynotes, Community Awards & Reception = Conference Center 3rd Floor HR 1-IV (Main Ballroom)

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION: Covers valuable keynotes and event-exclusive training, Community Awards Dinner and prizes, daily continental breakfast and lunch, special VIP event, and more. Note: Pre-conference workshops and golf are extra cost.

Important: Please bring a laptop (Windows, Linux or Mac) with wireless network connectivity.